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Are You Optimizing Your Sterilization Wrap?

07.20.2022 • Products

Choosing a new wrap is simple, right? Just get some samples from the vendors, wrap and reprocess some typically challenging items, then send them to the OR for evaluation. But is this everything that needs to be considered before choosing the optimal wrap for a particular healthcare system? The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation doesn’t think so. AAMI recommends a systematic process using a multidisciplinary team of individuals, and includes a review of:

  • Product performance
  • FDA clearance and legal status
  • Expert opinions
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Contribution to patient safety
  • Compatibility, safety, and environmental impact
  • Results of documented product trials, if applicable

Furthermore, AAMI recommends that the trials performed at each facility confirm the applicability of the chosen new product to that facility’s needs and desired results... Read the full article that includes helpful guidance on how to get started. 

Bonus: the article is also worth 1 CE credit (HSPA and CBSPD accredited). Follow instructions provided in the full article to obtain your credit.