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National Periop Nurses Week - Celebrating YOU

11.12.2021 • Industry News

Michelle Lemmons, RN, BSN, PHN, CNOR, CCSVP
Clinical Educator, OR

What is Your ‘Why’?

Have you ever been asked this question? While some people can answer this without hesitation, many cannot. For many, their ‘why’ is how they identify themselves (title/role): nurse, friend, mother, uncle, etc. For others, their answer is story-based and is rooted in an experience. For example, a time when a coworker became ‘family’, or a patient became a friend… or a shift that changed their life forever.

I remember my first ‘why’; a patient named Richard whom I cared for in my earlier days as a nursing assistant. Caring for him changed my life. Our relationship ship taught me compassion, communication, humor, and empathy. To this day, that experience inspires me to pay it forward. My inspiration drives my motivation to help other patients answer this question for themselves, “What is your ‘why’?”. I believe successes in life are rooted in each person’s ability to know their own ‘why’ and to set it as their true north.

As a periop nurse, I can tell you that no one begins a periop nursing career without a ‘why’. Perioperative nursing is a very specialized role within the hospital and with current statistics reporting over 528,000 periop nurses employed in the U.S.,1  the positive impact is immeasurable.

Personally and professionally, I encourage you to continue to be rooted in your ‘why’. It brings joy, hope, and allows you to reflect on the most impactful experiences you’ve had, building mental ‘timestamps’ of events that you can continually draw inspiration from.

Something Just for You:
As we celebrate Perioperative Nurses Week (Nov. 14-20), we would love to know what YOUR ‘why’ is. We would be honored if you shared your story with us and as we continue to drive to excellence in everything, we want to thank you for all you do. Your ‘why’ will be used to create a specially designed piece of artwork that we will then share with you (identifying information excluded). I’m looking forward to reading all the wonderful stories, words of inspiration, and mantras that you have (or plan to) set as YOUR ‘why’. 

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