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PPE and Putting Patient Safety First

07.16.2020 • Products

PPE. It’s an acronym that has become a buzz word in 2020, and for an unfortunate reason. PPE (short for personal protective equipment) is most commonly used in hospital, surgical, and procedural settings and is inclusive of products such as gloves, gowns, face shields, and face masks. Now, in addition to environments afore mentioned, businesses everywhere are implementing the use of PPE to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With PPE shortages that began in early March of this year, we saw an alarming amount of personal protective equipment being manufactured or distributed by companies that don’t specialize in it. The good news is that companies like Key Surgical DO have face shields and masks readily available and are designed to provide bacteria and particle filtration efficiency. No minimums required to order… peace of mind included.

I’ve got a fun challenge for you. How many types of businesses (other than hospitals) can you list off in the next 10 seconds that now use PPE? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

How many did you count? I got to 15 but I have an advantage since I’m writing the article. If you listed dermatology facilities, extra points for you. A local MN facility, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, recently shared their commitment to safety during COVID-19 with this picture and an appreciation for available supplies from Key Surgical. Truth is, all businesses that re-opened during the pandemic have implemented COVID-19 safety measures that include improved cleaning and disinfecting procedures as well as wearing face masks and shields or a combination of both and often asking visiting patients/customers to do the same; providing masks to them if needed. We are certainly thankful to these facilities and various businesses, all the types you listed in the 10-second challenge and then some, for putting patient safety first.  


Alana Suomela
Director, Corporate Marketing